Mega 600 Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

Mega 600

The Mega 600 feeder is just as impressive as it sounds, featuring an extra-large tube for feeding as well as numerous other features, perfect for the avid bird watcher!

It includes UV stabilized materials to keep your feeder looking fresh throughout the damaging summer months and a
Squirrel Proof Design to keep away pestering squirrels that drive away hungry birds.

This model additionally boasts 6 extendable perches for birds to feed comfortably, easily removable ports
and base for seamless refills, as well as a seed ventilation system designed to keep bird seed fresher for longer.

This feeder also holds up to a whopping 1.97 pounds of bird seed allowing for longer periods between refills and more food for the birds to enjoy! Because of the simple to use design, large capacity for birdseed and multiple perches for birds, this feeder is an essential for any backyard birdwatcher, beginner or advanced!

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